Remote Battery Kit for LSIiBBU06/0/08


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Remote Battery Kit for LSIiBBU06 and LSIiBBU07;

- Includes remote cable, remote interposer board (needed for 9260-4i and 9260-8i used remotely)

LSI offers a family of MegaRAID battery backup units for use with our high-performance MegaRAID storage adapters. These backup units protect the integrity of the cached data by providing power if there is a server failure or complete AC power failure. The industry-exclusive MegaRAID transportable battery backup units (TBBUs) offer an additional layer of fault tolerance by protecting data in cache during adapter field replacement.

Device compatibility: RAID controller
Battery technology: Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
Product colour: Black
Battery capacity (Watt-hours): 6.2 Wh
Battery capacity type: Standard
Heavy metals free: Pb (lead)
Certification: RU
Number of batteries included: 1 pc(s)
Other features:
Number of products included: 1 pc(s)